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Amish History, Beliefs, and Practices


Amish America Blog


French and Indian War


Jacob Hochstetler Family Association and JHFA Newsletter


Mennonite Information Center


Northkill Blog


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Print Resources


A Country Between: The Upper Ohio Valley and Its Peoples, 1724-1774, Michael N. McConnell (1992)


A History of the Amish by Steven M. Nolt (2003)


America's First World War: The French and Indian War, 1754-1763, Timothy J. Todish (2002)

Architecture of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country 1700-1900 by Henry J. Kauffman (1992)

Atlas of Great Lakes Indian History, Helen Hornbeck Tanner, ed. (1987)


Both Sides of the Ocean: Amish-Mennonites from Switzerland to America by J. Virgil Miller (2002)


Descendents of Jacob Hochstetler by Rev. Harvey Hostetler (1912)


Descendants of Barbara Hochstedler by Rev. Harvey Hostetler (1938)


Early Amish Land Grants in Berks, County, Pennsylvania, Pequea Bruderschaft Library (1990)

Empires at War: The French and Indian War and the Struggle for North America, 1754-1763, William M. Fowler, Jr. (2005)


History of the First Amish Mennonite Communities in America by Grant M. Stoltzfus (2002)

Home Life in Colonial Days, Alice Morse Earle (1898; 1974)

Indian Paths of Pennsylvania, Paul A. W. Wallace (1971)

Into the American Woods: Negotiators on the Pennsylvania Frontier, James H. Merrell (1999)


Mennonite Attire through Four Centuries by Melvin Gingerich (1970)


Our Flesh and Blood: A Documentary History of the Jacob Hochstetler Family During the French and Indian War Period 1757-1765 by Beth Hostetler Mark (2009)

The Amish by John A. Hostetler

The History of the Moravian Mission Among the Indians in North America, George Henry Loskiel (1838)

The Indian Chiefs of Pennsylvania, C. Hale Sipe (2004)

The Iroquois Ceremonial of Midwinter, Elizabeth Tooker (1970)

The Magic Moccasins, Jane Barks Ross (1985)

The War that Made America: A Short History of the French and Indian War, Fred Anderson (2005)

The Unredeemed Captive: A Family Story from Early America, John Demos (1992)


Who Are the Anabaptists? Amish, Brethren, Hutterites, and Mennonites by Donald B. Kraybill (2003)

David Zeisberger's History of Northern American Indians, David Zeisberger (1910; 2010)

Zeisberger's Indian Dictionary, David Zeisberger (1887; 1982)


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