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“Our weapons are not weapons with which cities and countries may be destroyed . . . they are weapons with which the spiritual kingdom of the devil is destroyed.” —Menno Simons, Anabaptist Reformer



Northkill   The Return


Northkill   The Return


Northkill   The Return


The Northkill Amish Series

Drawn into the savage clashes of the French and Indian War, Jakob Hochstetler faces an impossible choice . . . and the irreversible consequences



In 1738 Jakob Hochstetler and his family sought sanctuary in America from the religious persecution Anabaptists were suffering in Europe. With other members of their Amish church they settled along Northkill Creek at the base of the Blue Mountain on the untamed Pennsylvania frontier, between French-controlled Indian territory and the British settlements. Eighteen years later the French began to incite the tribes to attack English settlers moving into lands claimed by France, and a bloody war ensued. 


Early on the morning of September 20, 1757, the Hochstetler family’s way of life is brutally shattered when their home is attacked by a party of Delaware and Shawnee warriors. Facing certain death with his wife and children, Jakob makes a wrenching choice that will tear apart his family and change all their lives forever.

The Return


Carried away from the ruins of their plantation with his younger sons, Jakob is enslaved by the Seneca, while Joseph and Christian are adopted into different Lenape divisions and struggle to adapt to new lives. Meanwhile, Jakob plots a perilous escape in spite of overwhelming odds against succeeding. Yet even if he can get away, could he survive a harrowing journey over the hundreds of miles of rugged terrain that lie between him and his Northkill community?


Does home still exist? Are his older son and daughter, Johannes and Barbara, still alive? Will he ever find his boys and bring them home?

Forward's Book of the Year IndieFab Bronze Award
Interviews & Reviews Historical Fiction Silver Award
Shelf Unbound 2018 Best Indie Book Award
The Return

J. M. Hochstetler and Bob Hostetler have brought the pathos and beauty of the American frontier to the page with rare authenticity and depth, crafting a story from their family legacy that will stay with you long after you finish.  Laura Frantz, author of The Ballantyne Legacy


The terror, grief, and peril faced by Jakob Hochstetler and his extended family and community are unflinchingly portrayed. ...Every character’s journey rings with authenticity.  —Lori Benton, author of Burning Sky


Read this book to discover how one family’s commitment to peace was tested beyond measure, whose legacy lives on in a trail of descendants who still ponder what the cost of such peaceful convictions mean for us today.  James Hostetler Brenneman, President, Goshen College


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